Conveyor Belt Services

Canterbury Conveyor Belt Specialists provides a range of services ranging from joining rubber belts (50mm up to 1600mm), hot welding of PVC cleats and joining various other belt types.

Cleat Welding

The Cleat welding machine hot welds PVC cleats from 10mm to 75mm high ensuring a superior bond which will last longer than alternative bonding methods and gives an excellent quality finish.
We can also weld conveyor tracking strips and sidewalls: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 13mm, 17mm. All sizes are held in stock in PU & PVC.


Canterbury Conveyor Belt Specialists have 5 vulcanisers to join a range of belt products from 50mm – 1600mm wide.
We provide both on and offsite services.
We also have a Transmission Vulcaniser, which includes Quick Melt joining for fast and easy installation and a smooth surface.

Ply Splitter

Required to separate plies in multi-plied PVC and PU belts when joins are to be hot vulcanised. The ply splitter provides a fast, uniform splice optimising the quality of the join.

Finger Joining Machine

For Thermoplastic, Urethane and PVC belts. A very durable splice that maintains a smooth, highly consistent belt surface right through the splice area.
Multiple finger patterns are available to meet a variety of applications and system pulley sizes.

Other Equipment:

  • Polyester & Urethane Joining Equipment
  • Irons for repairing heat resistant fibreglass teflon coated belts
  • Irons for joining round PVC cord drive belts

Further Services that Canterbury Conveyor Belt Specialists offer include…

  • Joining of black rubber belts – black rubber
  • Provide rubber skirtings
  • Joining flat white food grade belts and blue PVC (FDA approved) used mainly in food processing industry
  • Joining Sawtooth and Crescent Top Belts for incline conveying
  • PTFE Coated Fabric Belts Supplied mainly to the Textile, Screen printing and Packaging Industries as they withstand temperatures up to 260 degrees C, and are non stick with a low friction surface.
  • Lagging Drive Rollers – creates hot and cold bonding. Diamond Pattern (for food industry) and black up to 12mm thick
  • Fitting of metal and plastic mechanical fasteners
  • PVC or rubber cleating fitted 10mm to 75mm – extensive range ex stock
  • Fitting of 10, 13 and 17 tracking strips (hot welded), also fit PVC and PU spill edges
  • Fitting of Tubetop cleats 40mm and 60mm high – mainly used in produce packaging industry to eliminate product damage
  • Supply elevator buckets and bolts
  • Supply and join Volta specialised polyester & urethane belts
  • Join transmission & transfer belts, authorised distributors of Seigling, Habasit and Rycon Belts

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