Conveyor Belt Products

Canterbury Conveyor Belt Specialists have an extensive range of belts and conveying products ex stock.

Our company has always specialised in the food and light manufacturing industries with a number of key accounts in the Canterbury, West Coast and Marlborough regions

Stock items imported from Asia, USA and Australia include Tubulator belt, a 2 ply black rubber belt ideal for the Potato and Vegetable industries, Baler belt, White and Black solid woven belt, plain and with various profiles for different types of industry.  A good range of Plied PVC belts are also held in stock (up to 300 sq/m of 2 ply applegreen).

Canterbury Conveyor Belt Specialists sells Rubber, PVC solid woven and plied belting, Heat resisitant belts, Foam rubbers, Wear resistant rubbers, Skirting rubbers, Rubber insertions and Neoprene rubber. Also Flat Drive belts, Round Drive belts, Rubber transfer belts, extensive range of PVC cleating, fasteners, and belt cleaners.

Timing Belts

We have the ability to supply filter belts, moulding extrusions, specialised sheets, rubber silicone, EPDM, Nitrile, sponge, Viton, Hypalon, Neoprene and Insertion rubbers, Megadyne Urethane, timing and transmission belts.


Product List

  • Filter Belts
  • Baler Belts
  • Mouldings Extrusions
  • Specialised sheet rubbers
  • Silicone Belts
  • EPDM Rubbers
  • Nitrile Rubbers
  • Sponge
  • Finger Cleats
  • Corrugated Sidewalls
  • Bolt on cleats
  • White Dimple Tape (self adhesive back)
  • Wave Belts
  • Repair Patches
  • Belt Cleaners and scrappers
  • Viton
  • Heat Resistant Belts
  • A range of sheet rubbers available, white and black e.g.
    Neoprene Rubber and Insertion Rubber
  • Megadyne
  • Urethane & PVC Belts
  • Timing and Transmission Belts
  • Super Drive Conveyor Belt Volta Blue and white
  • Treadmill and Exercising Belts
  • Feeder Belts
  • PTFE coated Fabrics
  • Tubulator Belt
  • Roughtop Belt 2 & 3 ply
  • Cog-veyor
  • Flexco & Minet Range of Belt Fasteners

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